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Climb Mt. Rinjani

There are a variety of hiking packages available and Rinjani Lighthouse is happy to recommend local guides and trusted Tour and Travel companies for the climb. Climbing during wet season (January-April) is prohibited by the government.    E-mail us for more information and we can arrange your next adventure!

Panorama Tours

[ Half Day = 4 hours ] [ Full Day = 7 hours ]

Facilitated by the Mt. Rinjani Womens Guide Association this complete tour explores all of the beauty of North Lombok. Guided by local women you will receive cultural insight about local flora and fauna used in traditional medicine and cooking, religion and cultural beliefs unique to the region and tribe and are provided with a locally cooked meal. This tour includes the waterfalls and traditional village. We partner with the local women guide association to empower women in the community by offering education and extra income to the families.

Sendang Gile &

Tiu Kelep Waterfall

[ Approx 2 hours ]

200m to the south is the entrance to Sendang Gile waterfall. One of Lombok’s most iconic waterfalls. This natural spring fed waterfall is a staggering 600m tall with 2 levels. Have a refreshing swim or just relax in the picnic area and enjoy local snacks and coffee.


Traditional Village

Located just 200m from our doorstep take a step back in time and see how the Bayan Sasak have lived for centuries and learn about the unique cultural customs and beliefs of the indigenous people of Mt. Rinjani. For centuries the traditional village of Senaru was used as a gateway to begin the Mt. Rinjani hike. There are frequent cultural ceremonies and dances that you can attend.

Bayan Women's Cloth Making

The people of Bayan have preserved the ancient art of "Tenun" since the beginning of their history as a people. Tenun is Hand-weaving  and dyeing fabrics and cloth collected from all natural sources, even down to looming the threads by hand. Learn about the detailed process of making all natural sustainable dyes from the local environment. This is the center of craftmanship of unique indigenous handicrafts and textiles only found in North Lombok. If you're looking for unique souvenirs with a great story this is the place to find them.

Ancient Mosque

Located 7km from us in the village of the decendants of the royal Bayan families this ancient mosque is deeply significant historically and spiritually. Dating back to the 17th century this bamboo mosque was built only using bamboo and wood materials. Open year round, however the best time to visit is during the Maulid celebration, the birth of the prophet Muhammad on the Islamic calendar when some of the biggest and longest Bayan ceremonies are held. Just across the street are the traditional Bayan women cloth weavers.    

Mandala Spring Swimming Pool

A large natural spring fed swimming pool surrounded by a beautiful forest is the perfect spot to cool off during the dry season or after your hike. This spot is only 10km from our place and is best accessed by motorbike. This is a favorite spot for locals so dress modestly according to local culture and be prepared to be asked to have your picture taken. Entrance fee is 10,000 IDR and there are many food stands selling a variety of local snacks and coffee.

Balinese Hindu Temple

Mt. Rinjani is a spiritual center for both the Sasak and Balinese. 4km from our location is an impressive Hindu temple. Here you can learn about the history of the indigenous Sasak and Balinese and how their lives have been intertwined for centuries. Traditional Balinese dances, music, and food can be prepared for you to witness and taste.

Saling Tulung Coffee Tour

We love a good cup of coffee so we created this tour to highlight the hard-working farmers behind the delicous coffee made here on Mt. Rinjani. The tour begins at our place with a coffee tasting exploring the amazing variety of coffee Indonesia has to offer then we have a short hike to the coffee farm where you'll meet the families and learn about the agricultural side of coffee. All profits from this tour go directly to farmer families. Duration: 2-4 hours 

What you'll learn:

  • Identifying coffee

  • Coffee Harvesting

  • Coffee Farm Tour

  • Coffee Tasting

  • Understanding Coffee Quality

What's Included:

  • Senaru Coffee Totebag

  • 200g Senaru Coffee

  • Lunch

  • Guide

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