Climb Mt. Rinjani


The summit is currently closed but we still offer a 2 day 1 night hike to the crater rim (2650masl) providing a beautiful panorama of Lake Segara Anak and the active volcano Gunung Baru Jari. Rinjani Lighthouse is happy to recommend local guides and trusted Tour and Travel companies for the climb. Climbing during rain season is prohibited by the government. E-mail us for more information and we can arrange your next adventure!


Panorama Tours


[ Half Day = 4 hours ] [ Full Day = 7 hours ]

Facilitated by the Mt. Rinjani Womens Guide Association On this tour guided by local women you will receive cultural insight about local flora and fauna used in traditional medicine and cooking, religion and cultural beliefs unique to the region and tribe and are provided with a locally cooked meal. We partner with the local women guide association to empower women in the community by offering education and extra income to the families.


Sendang Gile &

Tiu Kelep Waterfall

[ Approx 2 hours ]

200m to the south is the entrance to Sendang Gile waterfall. One of Lombok’s most iconic waterfalls. This natural spring fed waterfall is a staggering 600m tall with 2 levels. Have a refreshing swim or just relax in the picnic area and enjoy local snacks and coffee.


Traditional Coffee Roasting

[ Approx 2 hours ]

Indonesia is famous for their countless coffee growing regions and the unique flavors produced from every island. Join in roasting the locally produced coffee using traditional methods dating back hundreds of years!